Green Card Voices 

Green Card Voices display in the Student Involvement Center in the UC

Have you seen the Green Card Voices Exhibit in the UC?

The exhibit tells the stories of people from all over the world who live and work in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities area. These people all have green cards which is a document that allows people to live and work in the United States.

You can earn five extra credit points for viewing the exhibit and writing about it. In order to earn the points, you need to answer the questions below in 3-5 sentences and post to the blog by adding a comment and stating your name (I cannot give you extra credit points if I cannot read your name.). Deadline: Sunday, April 23rd at 11:59 pm.

1. After viewing the exhibit, what is your impression of green card-holders in the US?
2. Is there a similar document to a green-card in your country?
3. Write the name of the person who made the most significant impression on you and explain why their story was so compelling.


  1. This is Qiuyu.

    1. My impression is that green card-holders are happiness and successful in the US. All of them get job or finished dream after high school or collage. Their life became colorful, amazing and creative. They are becoming, on the other hand, it also could say they became the indispensable part of United States.

    2. Yes, but it is different. In China, as an foreigner, it is easy to become a collage student to come in China. However, if he or she wants to gain Chinese green card is harder than American's. It might spend 3-5 years to wait the approval of goverment.

    3. Dylan Fresco. the reason of mad the most impression on me is that I wish I could become the guy that I want to be. I think he did that he wants.

    1. Thank you for your responses, Qiuyu. It is helpful to know about the system in China.

  2. Arthur Lee

    1. We may think that dream can be the reality who only has gift but we have to rethink again. Their effort and trying to think differently makes their lives more meaningful and successful like flowers' blossom. Flowers bear the cold winter and bloom finally. Their lives were the same as like marvelous nature.

    2. Yes my country has it. However, the biggest difference is that we have different point of view when we give someone credit.

    3. Surprisingly, Dylan Fresco give me significant impression. Think the way you are. Live life by oneself. I think he gave me a lesson about them again.

    1. Arthur, I am glad that you found Dylan Fresco's story impressionable. Keep thinking those thoughts!


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